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      研究生院培養辦公室 李老師,62755598;

      國際合作部 成老師,62756326。



      For the 2020-21 academic year, the Harvard-Yenching Institute plans to select a few outstanding young fellowship recipients (including doctoral students and faculty who have completed their doctorate within the past 5 years) in the field of South Asian Studies to come to the HYI for a one-year research stay.  We invite you to nominate two candidates for this program.  If a selected candidate is a doctoral student, the HYI will offer a fellowship for the student to come as a visiting fellow affiliated with Harvard’s Graduate School of Arts and Sciences and the Harvard-Yenching Institute.  If a chosen candidate is a young faculty with a doctorate, we will offer a grant for the faculty member to come as a visiting scholar.  The study and research of a candidate should be related to South Asian Studies in a discipline in the humanities or social sciences.  There is no specific age limit, but we are seeking scholars in an early stage of their career development.  While we welcome nominations in all social science and humanities areas of Indian studies, for the coming round of applications we particularly encourage nominations of candidates working in the fields of International Relations and Literature.


      Attached please find an application form. In addition, an applicant should provide three letters of recommendation. After an initial review of the application dossiers, we will select approximately half of the candidates for interviews this winter (December and the first half of January) for further consideration.  We hope to select two to three outstanding young scholars for a research stay at the Harvard-Yenching Institute during the 2020-21 academic year. 

      Candidates who are doctoral students must be citizens of an Asian country, but there is no citizenship restriction for candidates who are junior faculty; applications for nomination to the program should be submitted to the international office and affiliated department of the applicants’ home university.

      Terms and Conditions
      A selected faculty member or post-doctoral researcher will be offered a visiting scholarship, and a selected doctoral student a visiting fellowship.

      The following provides more detailed information on the fellowship coverage:

      Visiting Scholar for South Asian Studies Program

      Visiting Fellow for South Asian Studies Program

      • Round trip economy class airfare;
      • A stipend of approximately US $4,000 per month for the period of residence in Cambridge, Massachusetts (for 10 months);
      • Health Insurance;
      • Funding (up to $2,500) for participating in academic conferences/research trips in North America, and hiring an editor or a research assistant.


      • Round trip economy class airfare;
      • Payment of the Harvard University Visiting Fellows fees including health insurance coverage;
      • A stipend adequate for a single fellow for 10 months (for 2019-20, the monthly stipend is approximately $2,900.00);
      • Funding (up to $2,500) for participating in academic conferences/research trips in North America, and hiring an editor or an English language assistant.



      Instructions about the online application system are included in the attachment [South Asian Studies Program About the online application system.PDF].  Please note: you should feel free to use the attached application form for conducting the internal nomination process within your institution, but official applications must be submitted online.





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